The video on the left introduces SlidesYearbook Basics. It demonstrates how to change the Page size, insert Snapshots and insert Shared with Me images using Google Classroom. The directions are also posted on this page.

Change page size

Page Setup (Size)

I click File is the left side and search Page setup. Remember to click on the triangles, they drop down into a menu with additional options. I choose Custom and change the dimensions to 8.5 x 11 inches.

I can delete the text so that I have a blank page.

Please note that this page size will have a white margin trim. Another option is to use the dimensions 8.75 x 11.25 inches (or the size your printing company recommends). Then use a grid to stay within the 8.5 x 11 margins. The printing company will trim the edges so that the color bleeds. Watch the Understanding trim and bleed to learn more.

Take a snapshot

Insert Snapshot

Chrome has a camera. Let's start there.

  1. Insert -> Image menu, select Take a Snapshot.
  2. Agree with the permissions. This will take a minimum of 2 accepts.
  3. Click Take Snapshot when you are ready.
  4. Take three snapshots and Select your favorite.
insert image English

Insert Images

It is not practical to take all of the photos on a Chromebook. We will talk about Photo Organization later. Until then, here are the directions to insert images from a class Shared folder.

  1. Click on Insert.
  2. Select Image.
  3. Click Google Drive.
  4. Look for the folder.
  5. Click on the photo.
  6. Double click Select

Docs Editor Help: Insert images


Hidden inside Google Slides are graphic design shortcuts begging to be used.