In this section, you will learn how to use grid lines to organize the layout of the yearbook page. You can also use grid lines to bleed color and alleviate the white margin on the printed page.

Alignment Indicators

Alignment Indicators

  1. Select View.
  2. Click on Snap to.
  3. Select Grid.
  4. When you move an object, a red alignment indicator appears.
  5. Use the indicator to align the object.

YouTube Playlist

  • The Grid - a Graphic Design Video by Karen Kavett
  • Graphic Design Tutorial: Designing to a grid by Shawn Berry, Creative
  • SlidesYearbook - Page Rule by Jennifer Scott (in Spanish)
  • What is a Full Bleed Page? Formatting Pages for Printing/Publishing by My Mangaka Life
  • Quick Chrome extension for adding rulers & grids by Archive ICT




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