The use of color will make or break a design whether it is a Google Presentation or a yearbook. Color communicates a mood. Color also makes the text readable. 

The quote to the left replicates the colors from the Disney movie title “Coco.” The bright Mexican colors are vibrant and inviting.

Change Fill Color

  1. Select the object or text.
  2. Click on the Paint icon (Fill color).
  3. Select a color of your choice.
  4. Select the Pencil icon (Border color).
  5. Choose the line color of your choice.

Professional Color Combinations

Colors can be outdoorsy and natural, fun and tropical, or sleek and modern. You can spend your time learning Color Theory or you can use professionally combined palettes such as Canva's 100 Color Combinations. The colors are written with a number size and 6 digits for RGB (Red, Green, Blue).

You can also find your favorite graphic and use a color extension to determine the code codes.

The colors for the "Coco" quote were “picked” from the original Disney using graphic Colorzilla Chrome extension. The colors were written in a # sign and 6 digit hex code.

Google apps will automatically add the last two digits. When the code is 8 digits long, the last 2 digits are opacity.   Use the slider on the far right to adjust transparency.

Custom Color in Google Apps

  1. Click  Fill bucket icon. This menu is also under Border color pencil icon or Background -> color.
  2. At the bottom of the new menu, select Custom.
  3. The 6 number hex color. Google may add 2 characters to the end of the color code. These last two letters determine opacity (transparency).
  4. Select OK.

Colorzilla Chrome extension

  1. Select the Colorzilla extension in the upper right corner.
  2. Click Page color picker.
  3. Move the + cursor over the page until you find the color you want. Then click.
  4. Open the Paintline, or font color and paste the Custom color.
  5. Repeat the process as many times as you like for other objects and text on the page.

Practice Color Choice

Use this template to practicing your coloring skills. Each page has a different quote. Color the word phrases to help clarify the meaning and mood of the text.

Organization Ideas

What happens when you find color combinations you like? You can either take out a physical notebook and handwrite the hex codes or you can store them for future use. Below are two options to organize color combinations.

Google Keep

Paletti Add-on

Google Keep was integrated with Google Slides on September 28, 2017. This update allows users to gather notes using the Google Keep app or extension and view them in the sidebar of Google Slides. Use Google keep to store hex codes of favorite color combinations with a link to the website. Try out the extension with Canva's 100 Color Combinations and this template.

The Paletti Slides add-on was released on December 21, 2017. This add-on also the user to experiment with over 200 color combinations using the Arrow icon. The options are even greater when the user clicks the Shuffle icon. Use the Wand icon to add the color combination to the entire Slides. Use this template to practice the add-on. Remember, focus on color contrast to increase legibility.

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Carefully choosing fonts is just as crucial as color choice.