4.2 Composition and Layout

Alignment of objects and text in a layout is crucial. For this reason, it is important to use grid lines. Grid lines can also be used to bleed color so that a white margin is not left on the yearbook page. Learn about alignment, grid lines and color bleed on this page.

Alignment Indicators

Alignment Indicators

  1. Select View.
  2. Click on Snap to.
  3. Select Grid.
  4. When you move an object, a red alignment indicator appears.
  5. Use the indicator to align the object.

Grid lines may not exist in Google Slides (yet); however, Chrome extensions have you covered.

The images to the left demonstrate the Design Grid Overlay extension.

  • Slide 1 = Design Grid Overlay is a Chrome extension
  • Slide 2 = CTRLShiftk turns on the vertical grid overlay
  • Slide 3 = CTRLShift h turns on the horizontal grid (baseline)
  • Slide 4 = both grids can be turned on at the same time

Use the horizontal grid to count down or up when comparing the top and bottom margins of two different pages.

SlidesYearbook Grid lines

Eventually, an add-on for grid lines will be created, either by SlidesYearbook or another coder. Until then, a simple solution is to SlidesYearbook grid lines before you begin to design the layout. For easiest removal, paste the grid lines into Edit master layout.

Please note the following font sizes:

  • Heading = 47 pt
  • Subheading = 29 pt
  • Body text = 11 or 12 pt

White Margin 8.5 x 11" Page Setup

Color Bleed 8.75 x 11.25" Page Setup

In the above example, the grid lines were copied and pasted into Slides -> Edit master. Using Edit master means we can quickly remove the lines once we are done aligning the image size templates and text.

If you would like the color other than white to "bleed" to the edge, the page setup must be larger and printed on larger paper. Your print company will then "trim" the edges.

The above example  8.75 x 11.25-inch page setup with a black gradient background. The same grids and layout were used.

YouTube Playlist

  • The Grid - a Graphic Design Video by Karen Kavett
  • Graphic Design Tutorial: Designing to a grid by Shawn Berry, Creative
  • SlidesYearbook - Page Rule by Jennifer Scott (in Spanish)
  • What is a Full Bleed Page? Formatting Pages for Printing/Publishing by My Mangaka Life
  • Quick Chrome extension for adding rulers & grids by Archive ICT




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