As in the photography section, I hand over the teaching to professionals. Watch playlist and read the articles to learn graphic design. If you have a website that should be added, please contact me.

The truth is anyone can slap a few photos and captions on a page, but that doesn't make the yearbook look good. One reason to stay with an expensive yearbook company is to use their graphic design team of adults. One reason to move to #SlidesYearbook is to empower students to learn graphic design principles that they can use for other subject areas projects and their future careers.

YouTube Playlist

  • How to learn GRAPHIC DESIGN by Karen Kavett
  • Beginning Graphic Design: Fundamentals by
  • Beginning Graphic Design: Layout & Composition by
  • Yearbook Design Basics by Tyler Melton
  • Google Slides for Desktop Publishing by Joshua Pomeroy



Color theory! What is? Which color combinations grab your eye? Which color combinations should not be used?