is a Madrid-based company that specializes in designing templates for both Google Slides and Microsoft. The company has a Creative Commons license, which makes the templates free provided that proper attribution is given.


Advantages of using SlidesCarnival:

  1. Free Slides templates from an ever-growing database.
  2. Reminders on how to create quality presentations.
  3. Examples of quality graphic design.
  4. The designs can be modified to add a personal touch or color scheme. Learn how to Edit Master here.

Below are a few examples of SlidesCarnival templates that have been modified for SlidesYearbook.

Around Slide #26 (near the end) of a SlidesCarnival template, you should find a Slide with Presentation Design information. This Slide lists the typography and color combinations in hex numbers.

If you like the graphic design, use the Google Keep extension to type the names of the fonts and colors. You never know when these choices may inspire a design.

Practice Graphic Design

As stated earlier in this section, Google Slides is more than a presentation app. In fact, Google Slides can be used to create magazine covers, movie reviews, and more.