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Why become a Google Certified Educator?

Earning a Google Educator certification is a great way to learn how to use Google apps with your colleagues and students. The Modules are self-paced and multiple trainers offer free online resources.

How can Google Educator certification influence your classroom and professional growth? Read these posts to find out.

How to become a Google Certified Educator

During the Exam

You are not expected to know everything about GSuite. In fact, five minutes after new tech is posted, it is already out of date. Rather, you are expected to know how to find information. Below is a list of advice I give fellow educators.

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Why become a Google Certified Trainer?

I find the Google Certified Trainer community a valuable resource. I can ask questions and receive responses from international trainers. The gtrainerdemo domain has been a valuable resource to create tutorial videos such as Beginning Google Classroom playlist. The annual requirement to give 12 trainings is what I already do even though I am a classroom teacher and not an EdTech Specialist.

According to Episode 12: GET Help Hangouts Slides, in the past year 3,000 trainers in 65 different countries gave 11,047 training sessions that reached approximately 334,441 educators.

Below are examples of Google Trainer Forum views. The first image is Gmail. The second one is Groups, which has access to even more resources.

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Google Trainer Group
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How to become a Google Certified Trainer

After you are a Certified Trainer


Why become a Google Certified Innovator

There comes a time in many trainers' lives (certified or not) that we want to become the student again. We want to challenge ourselves. We want to have our own mentor. This is why we apply to become an Innovator.

The Google Certified Innovator program is extremely competitive. Most people are not accepted with their first or even second application. Currently 1031 Innovators belong to the Google Innovator community.

Only 131 educators in the world were accepted in 2016 to attend the Google Innovator Academies in Mountain View (#MTV16), Colorado (#Col16), Toronto (#Tor16) and Mexico (#Mex16). The 2017 Academies are London (#Lon17), Washington D.C. (#WCD17), Sydney (#Syd17), Sweden (October) and Brazil (December).

What can you expect at a Google Innovator Academy? Read Federico Centeno's Google Innovator Academy #Mex16 #GoogleEI.

Do you have to become an Innovator? That is up to you. You will be tasked with a yearlong problem to solve. You will attend an Academy and bond with your cohort. You will have a mentor who will push you beyond your limits. You may view this certification as a feather in your cap or the means to newer, more incredible opportunities.

Google Innovator Community

How to become a Google Certified Innovator

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