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The added benefit of creating a yearbook in Google Slides is the collaboration opportunities. Of course, this means that we must be able to share photos with our yearbook staff.

Digital Cameras

Most yearbook classes have digital cameras. To transfer the photos from the camera to Google Photos or Google Drive, you will need either a cable (best option) or know how to insert the removable memory card into the computer/Chromebook.

Camera to computer cable

Mini USB Cables connect digital cameras to computers/Chromebooks. I recommend labeling the cables and keeping them in a highly visible area.


Digital cameras save photos to memory cards. The problem with removing memory cards, like the SanDisk pictured above, from the digital camera is that students typically lose them.

Smart Phones

Ideally, students and staff could upload photos from their phone directly to a Google Photos Shared Album. Due to FERPA, however, this ability may be limited to just staff and high school yearbook students. In that case, students can also upload the photos directly to Google Drive Shared folder over the phone using wifi or via USB using a phone charger cable.

Upload photos to a Google Photos Shared Album

  1. Open the Google Photos app on your smartphone.
  2. At the bottom of the app, you will see Assistant, Photos, Albums, and Sharing. Select Sharing.
  3. Click on the name of the shared album.
  4. Select the + icon.
  5. Select the image(s) to be uploaded.
  6. Click DONE.
Share photos via Share Google Photos Album

Uploading to a Google Drive Folder

  1. Open the Google Drive app on your phone.
  2. Find the folder you want to use.
  3. Select the + icon.
  4. Click on Upload.
  5. Select one or more images to upload.
Share photos to Google Drive (1)

When students could not connect their phones to the protected school wifi, they discovered this option. Most students like to carry their phone chargers with them.

Uploading with a USB Phone Cable

  1. Plug in the USB cable into your smartphone and laptop/Chromebook.
  2. Open the desired Google Drive folder.
  3. Select New -> File upload.
  4. Find your phone.
  5. Upload the photos.
Share photos to Google Drive via USB

Share Photos with the Class

If the yearbook students are under 13 years old, Google Photos is turned off. After students have been trained and their parents have given written permission, you can share photos with this suggested organization.

Photos logo

Step 1 - Set up Google Photos

  • Create a album. Click here for directions.
  • Share the album directly with trusted student editors and school staff. Another option is to use the teacher account on the teacher computer.
  • These student editors will upload, add descriptions to the photos, and edit.
  • Students can also upload photos from digital cameras.
    • Students must remember to clear the memory card after the photos are uploaded.
    • Digital camera memory cards are easily lost.
    • It is better to use a connecting cable to upload photos from a camera than insert the memory card into a computer or Chromebook.

Step 2 - Google Drive

  • Go to
  • Open Settings -> Automatically put your Google Photos into a folder in My Drive.
  • Open the new folder and select the folder labeled by year
  • Select Share -> Get shareable link (Anyone with a link can view)
  • Students should create Sub-folders in the Google Photos Drive Folder to organize the photos.
    • Name folders by yearbook sections/albums.
Create a Google Photos folder in Drive
Google Classroom logo 128

Step 3 - Google Classroom

  • Go to your yearbook Google Classroom.
  • Return to STREAM and add Assignment with the Shareable link.
    • Students must open this folder before they can insert these images.
    • Students will go to Insert -> Image -> Google Drive -> Shared with me.
  • Go to ABOUT and add the student editors as co-teachers.
  • When a student un-enrolls, she no longer has access to the Photos.

Google Photos

Google Photos not only stores photos, but the app also allows users to create Albums and edit photos.