The biggest problem with using Google Slides as a graphic design program is the inability to change the image size. Until Google Slides has add-ons, especially one that changes the image size to specific dimensions, a few solutions exist:

1. Use Google Photos

Google Photos has a crop option.

2. Learn Slides Shortcuts

Hidden with Google Slides are graphic design shortcuts. Two of my favorites are

Ctrl + Alt + j = decrease size

Ctrl + Alt + k = increase size

3. Use Image Size Templates

Add the folder with image size templates into your Drive. Click on the arrow and select Add to Drive.

Teachers can share the link with students via a Google Classroom assignment.

4. Replace image

Insert the image size from the folder into your Yearbook Slide. Double click on the image and select Replace image to change the photo. Move the image up, down, right, or left until you are happy with the look.

Individual student portraits

My school has over 600 students and a photographer program for individual portraits. However, it is easy for a class to take their pictures with their computers using the image templates shared on this page.

If you need a particular size, just contact me. My dream is that one day Google will provide a resize image add-on, but until then, image templates are an answer.

Next Steps...

A yearbook is not a yearbook without captions. How else will you remember names, dates, and events?