Option 1

Share Directly with Publisher

  1. Select the Share button in the upper right corner of Slides.
  2. Under People, type the email of your publisher.
  3. Select Send.

You may want to type a short message with directions. Do not forget to complete any other required paperwork from the Duplicating Department or printing company.

Option 2

Send PDF to the publisher

  1. Follow the directions posted on Before you publish to download the yearbook as a pdf.
  2. Follow the publisher's uploading directions.

Email link to PDF to publisher

You can always email the link to pdf to the publisher.

  1. In drive.google.com, select New.
  2. Select File upload.
  3. Fine and select the pdf.
  4. Click on Open.
  5. When uploaded, right-click (two-finger tap on a Chromebook) and select Share.

Add the publisher's email address and Send.

There is no need to print a copy of the yearbook at this point. Double check every page and every image in the PDF. Please note that images and text boxes with comments will not download or print. Fix this before you send your 1st draft to the printing company.


Ready to print? Let's discuss where to print the yearbook. Don't forget to shop locally!