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Teachers can organize the yearbook in Google Classroom. This includes initial lessons that teach students the basics for yearbooks, images and graphic design, as well as sections for the yearbook. Example lessons will be posted in the future.

If you have never used Google Classroom, you may want to view this Beginning Google Classroom tutorial playlist.

Share the workload with student editors

To give student editors more responsibility and take workload from you, make the student editors Co-teachers of the Yearbook Google Classroom.

Google Classroom Co-teachers

How to add student editors as co-teachers

  1. Click on the ABOUT tab.
  3. Type in the email of the student editors.
  4. Select INVITE.
  5. Once the students have accepted the Classroom, their names will appear next to yours.

Below is an actual screenshot of my 2015-2016 Journalism class. These student editors reviewed student work and offered valuable peer feedback.

Google Classroom Co-teachers
Assign to Group Leader

How to assign a section to a group leader

  1. Create an assignment.
  2. Add a title with optional directions.
  3. If students have designed a template, Add it and change to Make a copy for each student.
  4. Select and then uncheck All students before checking each group leader's name.
  5. Click ASSIGN.

The group leader will Share the assignment with the group members. Group members will access the file by clicking on About -> Google Drive folder -> Shared with me.


What about student privacy? Read on.