The students are the yearbook editors, photographers, and staff members. You are the advisor. I will not pretend and say that creating any yearbook is easy, but with proper organization and student empowerment, the yearbook will be incredible!


Yearbook Positions

Teacher Advisor

The teacher advisor guides the student editors with the yearbook setup. The advisor also teaches the student editors how to effectively give feedback. At first, the teacher will have the greatest responsibility, but as the year progresses, student editors will take over.

Student Editors

Student editors run the yearbook. They are co-teachers in the Yearbook Google Classroom and have access to the yearbook Google Photos account. These are the students who upload, label and add photos to albums. Under the initial watchful eye of the advisor, student editors offer constructive feedback and guide the yearbook design.

Student Photographers

This coveted position is crucial to a successful yearbook. These students attended after school music, sports, and club activities. They are responsible for asking a student editor to upload the photos, as well as help the editor add only the best photos to the photo albums.

Student Staff

These students are just as important as the other students. They do the bulk of the work. They are the graphic designers. They write captions on a weekly or daily basis. The yearbook would not exist without these students.

Yearbook Sections

  • Monthly activities
  • Electives
  • Clubs
  • Sports teams
  • Best of/Superlatives
  • Student achievements
  • Collages
  • Individual Student Portraits
  • Staff (all adults on campus)
  • Purchased pages

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