As of September 28, 2017, Google Slides has add-ons and updates that make creating a yearbook in Slides that much easier!

Explore these updates and add-ons to determine what can be used to create a school yearbook.  Please be aware that some school filters will block an add-on due to the potential for inappropriate images.

Regardless of whether your students can use every add-on, the mere addition of add-ons and the new updates helps us dream big! We can take what we like about each update and add-on to create SlidesYearbook tools that our students can use as they mold their memories.

Keep logo

Google Keep works in Slides


Google Keep is a note-taking app that works on your mobile device and computer. Make lists, images, and audio. Share and collaborate.

Google Keep in a document or presentation

This is an example of storing and using yearbook key information in Google Keep.

SlidesYearbook Application

  • Share notes with the yearbook team.
    • Set reminders to take yearbook photos or meet deadlines.
  • Keep notes on color combinations. (See the example below from Anjolie's color combination choices).

Room for Growth

If we can store color combinations in Google Keep, then could we create an add-on store color preferences? Jordan Rhea is teaching us how to do just that in his tutorial Apps Script: Using the PropertiesService.

Insert Image

Insert Images Update


Inserting and replacing an image in Google apps such as Docs and Slides has changed. The images now appear in the right margin of the app. The snapshot option has disappeared, but extensions can be used instead.

Insert images more easily in Google Docs, Slides, and Drawings


Insert Google Drive Image November 2017 Update

SlidesYearbook Application

  • The ability to see both the blank canvas and potential photos helps the graphic designer make better decisions.

Room for Growth

Come back, snapshots! Come back! Better yet, add Chrome Camera app functions such as web filters, timer, and multi-shots to a new and improved Snapshots! Can girl can dream, can't she?

Filmstrip vs grid view

Filmstrip view vs. Grid view


View slides in either the traditional Filmstrip view or the grid view.

SlidesYearbook Application

  • Reorder slides

Room for Growth

What if we could change Google Slides into a publishing program that allows for dual-page view?

Dual Page dream
PhotoSlideShow Add-on

Photo Slideshow Add-on


Photo Slideshow add-on gets pictures from a Google Photos album or a Google Drive folder. Especially useful to display an album on your website. According to the description of the event, the user simply selects a folder and all images will appear as slides.

SlidesYearbook Application

  • Import multiple photos at once.

Room for Growth

At this time Photo Slideshow imports one photo per slide. Remember how we used image templates to create our yearbook layout? These image templates act as place holders for future images.  What if we could import multiple images to our one-page yearbook layout? 

Shutterstock Add-on

Shutterstock Add-on


Shutterstock brings photo editing to Google Slides. Change the image size, add filters, and crop.

SlidesYearbook Application

  • Instead of using Google Photos to edit images, use Shutterstock instead.
  • The benefit is editing photos after they have been placed on the yearbook page.

Room for Growth

Do you see the Search image library option? Shutterstock is blocked by most school filters because these images are not kid-friendly. I have contacted Shutterstock about this. If they don't create a photo-editing add-on without the library option or with a kid-friendly library? Then my students and I will have to create it ourselves.

One problem with Shutterstock is that the image did not actually change to the specified size. Instead, it crops the image into a specified dimension. Hopefully, Shutterstock will find the value of specific dimensions and add it.

Paletti Add-on


Color your slides at the click of a button! Inspiring color palettes to save and edit or create your own.

SlidesYearbook Application

The add-on comes with color palettes for the background, shapes, borders, lines, and texts. The user can shuffle the colors to see how those colors change the appearance of the page. A common color palette throughout the yearbook is crucial. Can you imagine what the yearbook would look like if each group of students used different colors? Cringe!

Room for Growth

When applying the color palette, the entire presentation changes. Use a variation of the palette by creating separate presentations. The same colors are used; however, the backgrounds, lines and font colors are changed for each section.

List of Slides Add-ons

To protect students from potentially inappropriate images, schools use internet filters. These filters may also block Add-ons. Below is a list of Add-ons that work with my K-8 school filter and ones that are blocked for students. This list was updated November 23, 2017

Add-ons that Work

  • AudioPlayer for Slides
  • Flat - Music Notation
  • Lucidchart Diagrams
  • Noun Project
  • Paletti
  • Peardeck
  • Slides Toolbox
  • Top Stock Photos

Blocked for Students

  • Adobe Stock
  • Shutterstock
  • Unsplash
  • Wireframe

YouTube Playlist

  • 6 NEW Updates for Google Slides by Teacher's Tech
  • September 2017 User Group Meeting by Eric Curtis (Watch 1:08:53-2:01:15)


Learn to Make Your Own Add-ons

Next steps...

What is a yearbook with photos? Time to learn photography and photo editing.