Create a layout with Image Size Templates

Before students create a yearbook with student photos, they should create a template like Quintus. Graphic design skills will be taught in the next section.

The easiest way to create a layout is to use a Layout Grid with Image templates. The layout grid helps the designer keep margins in mind as the layout template is created.

Simply copy the size you want and paste it into the Grid layout. Why image templates and not a shape? Images can be replaced with yearbook photos while shapes cannot. The new yearbook photo will be the same size and shape as the image template.

<- Before

Use image size templates to create the yearbook layout before you add photos. The benefit of using image size templates include

  • Use the same layout on multiple pages.
  • Make images into precise sizes.
After ->

Once you have finished the template layout, Duplicate that slide and use Replace image to add your personal photos.


Directions for Copy and Paste Image Size Templates

As we have learned this year, it is perfectly okay to use the generic size template (see Slide 1) and resize it as desired. When the image is replaced, the new photo will be cropped accordingly.


Directions for Insert Caption Holders

Captions tell stories and are necessary for yearbooks. At this point in yearbook design, we are more concerned with where the captions will go and which fonts will be used. For this reason, we use Lorem ipsum as a place holder.



Duplicate Slide


  1. The film strip is on the left-hand side of the screen.
    Right-click on the Slide.
  2. This is a two finger tap on the Chromebook touchpad.
    Select Duplicate slide.
  3. Optional - Hold the Shift key to select multiple slides and then Duplicate.

Add, delete & organize slides

Reorder Slides (3)

Reorder Slides (Pages)

  1. Select Grid view icon in the bottom left of the screen.
  2. Click on the slide.
  3. Drag to the new position.


* Ideally, we will create an add-on that will pair pages together like publisher program. This will allow side by side view of layout spreads.

Layouts for Different Sections

The yearbook class will want to create layouts for different sections. These sections may include

  • Monthly activities
  • Electives
  • Clubs
  • Sports teams
  • Best of/Superlatives
  • Student achievements
  • Collages
  • Purchased pages
  • Individual Student Portraits

This is the Compton 2017-2008 layout.

Individual student portraits

My school has over 600 students and a photographer program for individual portraits. We use the photographer's program to create the Individual Portraits. Those pages are then exported as a PDF and added to the yearbook as a separate file sent to the printer. We can even take that PDF and drop it into Adobe Photoshop to create a transparent background.

If Lifetouch software is not an option, use a SlidesYearbook template such as Quintus or creating a portrait layout of your own following the directions below. Use a 4 column grid to help with aligning the portrait templates and name holders. Learn more about grid lines here.

Quintus by SlidesCarnival Modified for SlidesYearbook

Directions for Creating a Portrait Layout


Next Steps...

Now that we have a layout, how do we add yearbook photos?