We want our students to learn graphic design and apply those principles to the yearbook. We also want a uniform look throughout the yearbook. To save time and effort, we can learn how to Edit the master.

The example below is a SlidesCarnival.com template modified for a yearbook layout. You can also create a unique design like the 2017-2018 Compton Yearbook using Edit Master. Use the arrows to view the step by step directions. These directions are listed below.

  1. Change the Page setup size.
  2. Delete all the slides.
  3. Go to Slide -> Edit master.
  4. Control the font type and size from the Master page.
  5. Right-click to Delete and Duplicate layouts as desired.
  6. Modify the remaining layouts. Use Arrange options.
  1. View Guides
  2. Insert -> New slide to add the new layout.
  3. Carefully place Image size templates and Lorem Ipsum using the grid lines as a guide.
  4. Reopen Slide -> Edit master to remove the grid lines.

Link to directions

YouTube Playlist

  • SlidesYearbook - Edit Master
  • SlidesYearbook - SlidesCarnival Designs
  • Google Slides Newsletter Edit Master to modify design




  • Images and text added to the Edit master cannot be moved in Edit mode.
  • Once you are done Editing the master, you will want to return to Edit mode to design the Yearbook Layout.
  • Use Lorem ipsum generator as a placeholder for the captions.


Replace Image

Now that you have created a yearbook layout, it is time to insert yearbook photos.