Welcome to SlidesYearbook!

Yearbooks are more than photographs. They remind us that we have survived. These memory books stay with our families for generations. The problem is that many families cannot afford to purchase one. This project confronts that challenge.

Since December 2016, I have created easy-to-use directions and templates. The next step is to gather student-created templates and add them to this website.

My dream is to create what does not yet exist. Whether it is a graphic design add-on in Slides or a change in Google Photos share permissions that protect student privacy.

The soft-bound yearbooks are printed at our district office and sold for $10 pre-sale and then $15. We expect the prices to rise next year because we are adding articles to the yearbook, which will increase its size.

In 2018, we sold 235 yearbooks. We raised prices to $15 in 2019 and still sold 200 copies. That number is impressive compared to other schools that struggle to sell yearbooks. Our school has 630 students.