2018-2019 SlidesYearbooks from Around the World

As schools finish for the year, my heart leaps with joy every time I read a success story about schools using Google Slides to create their yearbooks. I have gathered a few of those stories for you.


Phillips Magnet Elementary in Napa, California

Jen Ellison is a technology teacher at Phillips Magnet Elementary School in Napa, California. In her May 28, 2019 blog post, Jen writes, "Yearbooks are for the rich kids. You know this to be true. Yearbooks have gotten even more expensive over the years. Many high schools charge over $100 for their yearbooks. " She even had to share her high school yearbook with her sister due to price. Jen removed the price hurdle by having her 5th-grade students use GSuite to create and organize their 66-page, full-cover softback yearbook.


Uplands International School, Penang, Malaysia

Phil is a teacher at Uplands International School in Penang, Malaysia. On June 21, 2019, he shared his school's #SlidesYearbook with me and the world. Watch Phil's Twitter handle for links to blog posts about the project.

Hilltop School19

Page Hilltop School in Ayer, Massachusetts

Kristin Mayo teaches technology to K-5 students at Page Hilltop Elementary School in Ayer, Massachusetts. On June 12, I received this tweet from her.


Oxnard Middle College High School, Oxnard, California

Emily Guthrie works at a school located on Oxnard College where students take both high school and college classes. Students earn both a high school diploma and an Associate's Degree by the end of 12th grade.


You and your students do not need a fancy yearbook company, not when they have Google Slides. I want to give a big thank you to teachers from around the world for sharing their success stories. Share your story via email or using the #SlidesYearbook hashtag on Twitter.