Blue and Black Yearbook Template

My junior high school students have an excellent eye for design, and their skills improve every day. One student found the SlidesCarnival Simple Resume to modify. Her ideas inspired the Black and Blue yearbook design.

Use and Modify SVG files

Before I discuss the style guide, allow me to share the last page of the Blue and Black Yearbook Template.

In 2020, our yearbook students drew their own artwork after completing a Shapegram art lesson each week. This year we will use modified SVG images.

To make your own objects that can change color based on your yearbook palette, follow these directions:

  1. Search for svg files at SVG Silh or Free SVG.
  2. Use CloudConvert to convert the SVG file as an EMF. Make sure Google Drive is checked.*
  3. Download the converted file and open as a Google Drawing.**

* Convert up to 25 files a day for free.
** Copy and paste the image to Google Slides. You can change the file color to match your yearbook color palette.

Font Pairs

The SlidesCarnival font pair was Roboto Bold and Roboto.

My yearbook student liked Tenor Sans for the Title. I kept Roboto for the Subtitle and Body text.

Note: Even though I use the word Body text on the slide, I do not use the Body text placeholder because it is too complicated for captions.

Color Palette

I followed my student's lead and made a few changes to the SlidesCarnival color palette. She really liked the color blue that was in the model's hoodie. That royal blue, which is our school color, is used twice on the color palette. I also used her choice of light blue as an accent color.

Image Placeholders

One reason why the students like the Black and Blue Simple Resume was because it has room for many yearbook photos.

We want to fit as many photos on a page as possible to keep the price down. Our 2022-2023 yearbook will cost approximately 16 cents per page.

  • 100 pages = $16
  • 150 pages = $24

The only downside with image layout is fewer captions. Though, we could had a banner on each image to identify the students in the picture.

Slides Create (beta)

The Slides Create add-on, which is in beta, uses a mail merge to add individual portraits to Google Slides. This 2-page spread has room for 55 portraits.

I am creating Slides Create with #LON19 Google Innovator Clay Smith. That year we used SlidesYearbook to create the #LON19 yearbook. I have been using their portraits ever since to improve the Slides Create code. It looks good, doesn't it?

I am conducting the 2022-2023 beta test with my school district. If you would like to beta test, contact me.

Feel free to use this yearbook template under Creative Commons License Attribution 4.0 International.