Color Collage

With this lesson, I wanted to teach the students two major concepts: using precise measurements and customizing colors. Both of these skills to prove to be valuable as students create their yearbook in Google Slides.

When I taught this lesson, I thought inserting shapes, resizing the shape and changing its color would take half a period. But no! The students were absolutely engaged! We did not start the second collage activity that day because students were experimenting with color and enjoying themselves.

I have since added more resources to help your students understand shape resizing and color combinations.

Student Directions

I created a whole-class slide deck that was posted in Google Classroom. My preferred method is to use Alice Keeler's Roster to Slides. Each slide is organized in alphabetical order so that I can easily see who needs help. Better yet, I can name students who are selecting beautiful color combinations and praise them during class.

Whether you choose to create a whole-class Google Slides and have students add their own slide or use Roster to Slides, make sure that the file is posted as students can edit.


LEARNING INTENTION: I will learn how change the color and size of a shape.
SUCCESS CRITERIA: I am successful when I create a 4-color square collage with precise measurements and multiple colors.


  • Go to your Google Slide.
  • Insert one rectangle shape.
  • Click on the shape and select FORMAT OPTIONS.
  • Change the shape Size to 4 x 4 inches.
  • Duplicate the shape 3 times using the shortcut CTRL + D.
  • Reposition the shapes to make a 4-picture collage.
  • Make each shape a different color.
  • Add a new slide and repeat the process again by completing one of the challenges below.

Challenge 1: Customize the solid color using color combination ideas.
Challenge 2: Customize the color with a gradient (default or customized using

In the private comments, tell me one thing you learned today. As always, make sure that you use correct spelling, capitalization, and punctuation. One typo is okay.

Teacher Preparation

Page Setup

Since the lesson was taught at the beginning of the school year, I changed the page size for the students. As time progresses, student leaders will take over the responsibility. We are making a square collage.

Go to File  -> Page setup -> Custom -> 8 x 8 inches.

Edit Theme

Whether you create a blank Google Slides for the class and have students add their slide or if you use Alice Keeler's Roster to Slides, you will want to move the text placeholder off the slide. I use the Caption layout for all projects.

  1. In Google Slides, go to the Slide menu.
  2. Select Edit Theme.
  3. I use the Caption layout. I move the one text placeholder off the slide in the top left.
  4. Change the Left align to Right align.

Example Student Work


The Color Collage lesson has proven to be invaluable since I first taught this lesson in August. While I did provide a link to the Canva Color Combinations, most students were learning how to use the Fill and Gradient tools. The Canva Color Combinations will be used again in the Color the Font lesson, which I will discuss in detail in a future blog.

If you use or modify this lesson, I would love to hear from you. Contact me on Twitter or the email contact form. Click on the link below to add the hashtag #SlidesYearbook and to tag me.