Design Name Tents

Learning student names is extremely important.  This includes associating a student's face with their name.

One way to learn student names is to have students design their own name tent to place at their desks. In the process,  students learn graphic design skills such as adding fonts, using text boxes, inserting word art, and designing Canva letter frames.

Student Directions

Below are the assignment directions and resources that I posted in Google Classroom for my students. Feel free to copy/paste and modify the lesson. I included the resources. Post #002 Tents Slides as Students can edit file.

Please note that while Canva is free for classroom teachers, which allows teachers access to premium features. The teacher will then need to send the student the invite link so that the student can have Canva for education as well. I posted the link on Google Classroom. To learn more about Canva for Education, reach out to Scott Nunes on Twitter.


LEARNING INTENTION: I will understand the difference between text, Slides Word Art, and Canva letter frames.
SUCCESS CRITERIA: I am successful when I design my name 3 different ways and identify which version I like the best.


  • Open the Google Slides and find your name. This is your workspace. When you need inspiration, glance at your classmates' work, but only make changes to your slide.
  • Fonts are VERY important. Go to Click on FONT PROPERTIES and filter by THICKNESS. Next, go to Google Slides and click the arrow next to Arial. Select Add fonts to use the new font.
  • Word Art is different from textboxes. Go to INSERT -> WORD ART and type ONE letter of your name. Change the font and size of the letter so that your name will fit across the middle of the page. Use a different font. Go to FORMAT OPTION and add a DROP SHADOW. Use the shortcut CTRL + D to duplicate the first letter. Double click on the second letter to edit it. Duplicate each letter until your name is done.
  • Google Slides is good, but sometimes we need an advanced graphic design program. I added the link to Canva template with an example Element Letter Frame. When you are done, DOWNLOAD your Canva design as a png and then UPLOAD it to your slide.


In the private comments, tell me which design you like the best: the textbox with changed font, the Word Art with drop shadow, or the Canva Letter Frame? Write your answer in a complete sentence with proper capitalization and punctuation.

Name Tent Slides

The #002 Name Tent Slides has everything you need for this assignment. I have already changed the page size to 8.5 x 11 inches. I have also added the dash lines to separate the three work areas. Students can add a slide, type their name, and begin designing.

If you have everything you need - directions & templates, your students can start designing. However, if you want to know how the slides were created, keep reading. Knowing how to create 8.5 x 11 inch slides with straight dashed lines at specified y-axis points are skills your class will need to create a yearbook in Google Slides.

Note: I like to use Alice Keeler's Roster to Slides option in her Roster Extras add-on to create one slide for each student. Click here to learn more.

How the Slides were Made

Edit Page Size

Yearbooks and name tents are printed on 8.5 x 11 inches paper. Go to File -> Page setup -> Custom setup -> inches and type 8.5 by 11 inches.

Edit Theme

Adding the lines at specified y-axis points will give students three work areas on one page. To do this, you will want to Edit theme.

I recommend deleting the first slide before opening Edit theme. Then go to Slides -> Edit theme. Delete all layouts except the CAPTION layout that students will use.

Hold the Shift key as you draw a line across the page. The Shift key makes the line straight. Click on the line, go to Format options, and change the Position.

x = 0 and y = 3.5

I recommend that you use a line weight of 16 with dashed lines. Use the shortcut CTRL D to duplicate the line and move the second line's position.

x = 0 and y = 7.25

If the Theme layout is missing a text placeholder, you can add it by clicking on the T icon and selecting Title placeholder. In the Format options sidebar, change the placeholder size.

Width7.88 and Height3


The Name Tent lesson went very well, so well in fact that all of my classes completed this activity. I then asked the office to use their color Laser Jet to print student names.

If you complete this lesson, I would love to hear how you made it better. Contact me on Twitter or the email contact form. Click on the link below to add the hashtag #SlidesYearbook and tag me.