Edit Theme with Roster to Slides

As I write blogs to share the lessons I use in my yearbook class, I find myself referring to Alice Keeler's Roster Slides add-on and Edit theme a great deal.

When creating a yearbook in Google Slides, students need a blank slide to create, and teachers need to see a student's name. Today's blog will explain how to quickly Edit theme to move the student's name off the slide and to the top left corner.

Move Position of Names Edit Theme Roster to Slides

Edit Theme & Move Name

Note: Alice Keeler's add-on automatically creates a slide for each student using the Caption layout.

  1. In Google Slides, go to the Slide menu.
  2. Select Edit Theme.
  3. Move the one text placeholder off the slide and up to the top left.
  4. Change the Left align to Right align.