Welcome to SlidesYearbook!

Yearbooks are more than photographs. They remind us that we have survived. These memory books stay with our families for generations. The problem is that many families cannot afford to purchase one. This project confronts that challenge.

My junior high started created yearbooks in Google Apps in 2014. In 2016, I became a Google Innovator with the #MEX16 cohort, making SlidesYearbook my Innovator project.

Six years later, SlidesYearbook is still my passion project. As I teach yearbook class this year, I will share lessons and resources on the blog. I will also update the tutorials on this website. Expect the portraits add-on that helps schools gather, organize, and push to Google Slides to be released this year.

In 2018, we sold 235 softbound yearbooks. We raised prices to $15 in 2019 and still sold 200 copies. That number is impressive compared to other schools that struggle to sell yearbooks. In 2020, we easily shared a digital yearbook with families, which Google Education wrote about in the 2020 International Day of the Teacher.

Check out this website, connect with me on Twitter, and help students learn graphic design skills as they design their memories.