#Lon19 Portraits Section

For those of you who have been following the #Lon19 Google Innovator Yearbook, here is a link to the completed portraits section.

However, the yearbook is not done due to family obligations AND coding ideas that keep coming! A special thanks go out to Joe Schmidt, Alice Keeler, and Clay Smith. for their ideas and teaching.

All the #Lon19 photos and captions have been collected. We have 320 photos for 13 different sections.

The next step is to use code to push the photos to the Google Slides Yearbook. The solution that I used for the #CUE19 Yearbook was Autocrat.

While I am grateful for the work of Cloud Vision and the ability to design to a multitude of items - certificates, ID cards, letters to parents, etc - there is little variety in what I need for the yearbook. I need the photo and its caption name pushed to the #Lon19 template. Nothing else.

And, thanks to a face-to-face workshop with Alice Keeler yesterday, I now know how to code my own mail merge for SlidesYearbook. You can learn more about that class by reading Streamlining SlidesYearbook with Code.