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The price of the yearbook is the price to print! The #LON19 Google Innovator Academy yearbook was created in Google Slides to eliminate the cost of expensive software. The purpose of creating the #LON19 (and why it took so long to complete) was to streamline future SlidesYearbook add-on. Keep an eye out for beta testing.

When printing your school yearbook remember to shop local - even check out your District Office. If printing locally is not a possibility, then buy the yearbooks in bulk!

Next week, Compton Jr. High School students will present a proposal for our school district's office to purchase a hardback cover machine. Their proposal is a dream, but dreams need to start somewhere.

SlidesYearbook is a #MEX16 Google Innovator Project.

LON19 Hardback cover
p. 1 of #LON19 Yearbook
pp. 24-25

The price of the #LON19 Google Innovator printed yearbook is the cost to print it. The same should be true for our students.  If you would like to purchase your own copy, please click on the links below. Compare prices. Please remember that when yearbooks are purchased in bulk, the cost dramatically decreases.

Softback Version

Hardback Version