Our School Yearbook is Ready to Print!

Compton JHS Yearbook 2022-2023

The Compton JHS 2022-2023 Yearbook is done except for three pages! Students will complete those three spring sports pages by the end of school on Tuesday.

To save students money, we created our yearbook in Google Slides, making the cost to print the 134-page yearbook only $13.40. We are selling the printed version for $15.

Due to the high-quality photos, we had to separate the yearbook into three files. The 135-page slide deck would not print or download in one file. This meant that I had to manually re-type the page numbers for the second and third file, but that is one small price to pay for a high-quality yearbook printed at our district office.

I am super proud of my junior high school students' hard work. In addition to yearbook class time, a group of students stayed after school and worked during their other classes to finish the job. Right before Spring Break, they even wrote me a final two-page to-do list.

I wish I could share the student work with you, but I value student privacy and even blurred images can be unblurred with the correct software. However, trust me when I say that their graphic design in Google Slides is gorgeous!

Eventually, these students will use Adobe Photoshop in high school, college, and possibly their careers, but this year, students learned how graphic design principles make their work look professional even in Google Slides.

I have new ideas for coding and organization that will make next year even easier. This includes updating the Slides Create add-on (currently in beta) and a code to organize the entire yearbook. Come back for more in August!