Photography is the heart of a yearbook. Photographs tell stories that are furthered explained in the captions. Photographs capture laughter, hope, fear.

Before we create a yearbook in Google Slides, let's focus on taking quality photographs. I have collected a playlist of YouTube videos and websites to teach this subject.

Take notes and then take out your smartphone or digital camera to practice the skills that you have learned.

YouTube Video Playlist

  • What Makes a Great Picture | National Geographic
  • Rules of Thirds and Framing by Erin Slifer
  • How to use the rule of thirds (for compositions) by CINEMATICJ
  • Man vs. Camera: How to take great shots with even a point-and-shoot by The Verge
  • 10 PRO Tips for Smartphone Photography by Worthashott
  • Yearbook Photography Tips by JC3Studios
  • How to Pose Friends Who Aren't Models (Portrait Photography)
  • 10 Tips to INSTANTLY Take Your Photos from BASIC to BOSS by Mango Street
  • Photography Lighting Tips: How to Shoot Direct Sunlight by Cole's Classroom


Sharing Photos

You may have made a decision where to store photos. If not, let's practice sharing those photos with the yearbook staff. Which method is easier for your staff?

Updated January 22, 2023.