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You will need to sharer image folders with your colleagues and student. Below are the steps to share those folders with your yearbook staff.

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Step 1 - Share Image Folder in Classroom

The images have been uploaded and now it is time to share them with your students. The following directions will explain how to 1) create a Google Classroom Material with editing shares and 2) add the Google Folder Drive links to a Google Sheets Table of Contents. The template for the Table of Contents is in Step 2.

  1. Go to Google Drive, select the drop-down menu for the yearbook images folder, and select Get link.
  2. Click Copy link.
  3. Go to Google Classroom and select Create -> Material.
  4. Click Link and paste the folder link.
  5. Return to the Google Drive folder, which is now shared with your students. Change Viewer to Editor.

I learned the hard way to NOT edit the material again. When I edited the material, the share permissions changed back to Viewer. Students need Editor access to rename, remove, and move images into subfolders.

Get the Folder's Shareable Link

  1. Right-click on the folder.
  2. Select Get Shareable link.
  3. Turn on sharing.
  4. Copy the link using CTRLC
  5. Paste the link in the Google Sheets Table of Contents using CTRLV.

When you click on the pasted link, you can replace the URL with its title.

Comments about Sharing Photos

  • Student editors upload the images Google Drive.
  • If uploading from a memory card, student editors should remember
    • Delete the photos on the memory card after they have been uploaded.
    • Memory cards are easily lost. Keep track of them!
    • If using a USB cable, return it to the assigned location so that it doesn't get lost!

Step 2 - Google Sheets Table of Contents

The images have been uploaded and you had added the shareable links to the Google Sheets Table of Contents VIEW | COPY. But why are we using Google Sheets? What information goes in each column? Read on to learn more.

Google Sheets allows us to sort information and calculate page numbers. Use this Table of Contents to track subfolders, shareable links, advisor information, etc. Below the graphic is a list of what information goes in each column.

  • Column A = The name of the Activity, Cub, Sport, Month, Class or Grade Level.
  • Column B = The name of the section. I used conditional formatting to identify the different sections.
  • Column C = The name of the adult the student yearbook editor should contact.
  • Column D = The link to the Google Drive folder. After pasting the URL, click on the link and select Replace Url with title.
  • Column E = Name of the yearbook student assinged to that section.
  • Column F = The number of pages for Activity, Cub, Sport, Month, Class or Grade Level.
  • Column G = In cell G3, I typed the formula =G2+F3. I then dragged the formula down to count page numbers.
  • Column H = If you want re-sort the sections, type the new order in Column H. For example, cell H13 could be 03, H14 04, etc. Once numbers have been added to each row in Column H, use the Sort range option under Data.
  • Column I = Days the Club or Sport meets.
  • Column J = Notes, comments and questions from the advisor and student editors.

Comments about Table of Contents

  • As Folders are created throughout the year, copy the Shareable link and paste it into the Google Sheets in Column G.
  • I share this Table of Contents with other adults on campus such as the principal who takes photos on her smartphone, the staff advisor for the school newsletter/newspaper, and the parent liaison.
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Step 3 - Classroom

Google Classroom is the hub for the yearbook. All resources will be posted in the same folder. This is where the Table of Contents and Weekly Caption Questions are posted. Even the yearbook is posted as an assignment.

Add Student Editor as Co-Teachers

  1. Select the People tab in Google Classroom.
  2. Click on the Teacher share icon.
  3. Type the names of the student editors.
  4. Select Invite.

Add the Table of Contents as a Resources

  1. In Google Classroom, select the Classwork tab.
  2. Select Create -> Material.
  3. Add the Title
  4. Select POST.

Comments about Google Classroom

  • Create an Assignment that includes the Google Sheets Table of Contents as view only.
    • Student editors should be co-teachers. As co-teachers hey will have edit access to this document.

Remind yearbook students of good digital citizenship. They can not share the link with their friends or repost those photos anywhere except the yearbook.

Additional Resources

YouTUBE Playlist

  • Google Sheets Tutorial by Stephen Kwiecinski
  • The NEW Google Classroom Updates! (2018) by MsLamm1


Caption Writing

A yearbook is not a yearbook without captions. How else will you remember names, dates, and events?

Updated January 22, 2023.