Photo Scan

Parents love to submit baby photos, but they hate losing those precious photos! The sooner the baby photos are scanned, the better! This is where Photo Scan can be used.

Photo Scan is a separate app and a part of the Google Photos app. I prefer to use the one built into Google Photos. Why use two apps when you could use one?

The difference between taking a photo of the photo and using the Scan photos option is that the glare of the photo is minimized or non-existent. Plus, the edges can be moved!

The example photo is my baby picture with my mom. Notice how I can move/crop the edges as necessary by adjusting the corners.

Use Google Photoscan for Yearbook Baby Pictures

  1. Open Google Photos on your smartphone.
  2. Select the three bars in the upper left corner.
  3. Select Scan photos.
  4. Position the photo within the frame and select the white circle.
  5. If desired, adjust the corners of the scanned photo.

Additional Resources

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