Self-Publishing Companies

The yearbook is done! Yay!!! Now it is time to print hundreds of yearbooks for the students at your school. The last step, and a super important one at that, is selecting the publisher. You could even make this your first step at the beginning of year by sending multiple companies small samples of student work to publish. Check out their quality and see if their company is good enough for your creative geniuses. Your students have worked too hard to settle for just any printing company.

Mike Frazier and his team proudly print the yearbooks for Bakersfield City School District.
Mike Frazier and his team proudly print the yearbooks for Bakersfield City School District.

The best option is your district office. The next best option is a local printing company. If neither of those options is available, use one of the online self-publishing companies listed on this page or find a different one. (If you find an awesome company not on this list, please share it with us!)

Where we print our yearbooks

As the largest K-8 School District in California, we are privileged to have an incredible district Duplicating Department who will print our yearbook. We use a Xerox 1000 Color Press.

The Compton Junior High yearbook is softbound. The product is high quality. Our yearbooks are due in April and delivered to us a few weeks later. Should we need to print more yearbooks, we can get the additional yearbooks in less than 2 days. Not every district has the benefit of a high-quality Duplicating Department. As such, here is a list of self-publishing companies.

Hardback Yearbooks

As a junior high, our focus is on quality and price. We get this using our district duplicating department. However, your school may want to slightly increase the price with a hardback cover.

The image to the right is a box of my father’s self-published autobiography called “Special Memories.” Only 40 copies were printed for our family members. We used Gorham Printing and were happy with the results. We chose a simple cover but there were other options.

Another option is to use We used Blurb for the CUE19 Yearbook. Contact a sales rep to negotiate a reasonable price. Purchasing in bulk lowers the price.

Shop around and see what you can find. Then choose the self-publishing company that best suits your needs.


This project will grow with your help. Please submit a template to our website. Or, if you need a template to start your yearbook, feel free to use one of ours.