What camera will you use? Will be it a digital camera? Smartphone? Chromebook webcam? All three? Below are resources to help you with each method. If you have a website that should be added, please contact me.

The photo to the right shows a junior high school student practicing her camera skills with an older Fuji digital camera.  I had purchased new Canon 12x cameras, but the students did not like how small the cameras were. When student photographers attended concerts and sporting events, they preferred years old Fuji cameras that ran on double AA batteries. The following year, we ordered 4 EOS Rebel T6 EF-S 18-55mm IS II Kits. The students LOVE these cameras!!!

#ComptonJHS students also loved the Chromebook camera. They were a little sad when the filters disappeared, but they would constantly snap photos with their friends during class. Sometimes I had to photo bomb them to focus them on their task.

The next favorite camera was the student's personal phone. Many students had better phones than me! Others had clear tape holding the screen together that they used to take photos. Without instructions, students brought their USB chargers and used them to upload the photos to their Google Drive.


Digital Cameras
Chromebook Camera
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Smart Phone Cameras

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Become a pro at photography with these resources and tools.

Updated January 22, 2023.