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Teachers can organize the yearbook in Google Classroom. This includes initial lessons that teach students the basics for yearbooks, images and graphic design, as well as sections for the yearbook. These lessons can be found on various pages throughout this website.

If you have never used Google Classroom, you may want to view this Beginning Google Classroom tutorial playlist. The videos are dated now that the new Google Classroom has been released, so please refer to Alice Keeler's blog post until I can update the tutorials.

Share the workload with student editors

To give student editors more responsibility and take workload from you, make the student editors Co-teachers of the Yearbook Google Classroom.

How to add student editors as co-teachers

  1. Click on PEOPLE.
  2. Select the Invite teachers icon.
  3. Type the student editors' names.
  4. Select INVITE.
  5. The student editors will now be co-teachers.

Below is an actual screenshot of my 2015-2016 Journalism class. These student editors reviewed student work and offered valuable peer feedback.

Google Classroom Co-teachers

Assign the Yearbook to Student Staff

Yearbook advisors have two options for assigning yearbook sections. 1) Assign a Google Classroom assignment to all students and manually change the share settings or 2) make multiple assignments with sections assigned to group leaders.

Why do we limit sharing? Experience has taught us that small groups of students should work on sections. This is because as much as we push digital citizenship, some student yearbook staffers will delete photos from non-assigned pages.

Option 1 - One Google Classroom Assignment

This year I chose to assign each section of the yearbook to the entire yearbook staff as View only or Can Comment. Then student editors manually shared those sections to individual students.

This option allowed all student staff to view the entire yearbook and add comments. Only authorized students could make changes.

Google Sheets served as a table of contents with links to the needed Google Photos albums. Click here to learn more.

Photo to be updated

Option 2: Assign to Group Leader

Another option is to assign sections to group leaders who in turn assign the page to their group members.

  1. Create an assignment.
  2. Add a title with optional directions.
  3. If students have designed a template, Add it and change to Make a copy for each student.
  4. Select and then uncheck All students before checking each group leader's name.
  5. Click ASSIGN.
Photo to be updated

Sharing Directions

Group Leader - Share

  1. The group leader opens the Slides and selects Share.
  2. Type the name of each group member.
  3. Select Send.

Group Member - Open Shared Slides

  1. The group member will select the waffle icon in the upper right of Google Classroom.
  2. Select the Drive icon.
  3. Click on Shared with me.
  4. Double click on the file to open.

Sheets, Docs and Forms

How do we use other Google Apps to create our school yearbook?

Updated June 11, 2018