Google Slides shortcuts make graphic design even easier.  Many of these shortcuts can also be used in Docs and Drawings. Click here for a one-page list of Common Actions & Text Shortcuts in Google Slides. Select Use Template.

If you use a Mac, click here for the shortcuts.

Learn these valuable shortcuts with the hands-on practice activity posted below the list of a few favorite shortcuts. Or just jump to the practice now.

Learn more about Shortcuts

Increase Font Size

Does the font size look too small? No worries, increase it with this shortcut:

  1. Select the text.
  2. Use CTRLShift + .

The period increases font size while the comma decreases it.

Decrease Image Size

If the image doesn't have to be a specific size, the quickest way to decrease the image size while keeping its proportions is to use this shortcut:

  1. Select the image.
  2. Use CTRLALTj

Think of j for Jen. Jen and Katie make an incredible team so use k to increase the image size.

Format Options

When the image must be a specific size or you want to format the text fill, drop shadow or reflection, use this shortcut:

  1. Select the image, text, or object.
  2. Use ALT + letter o\

to access the Format options menu.

Send Back

In this example, I want the planet Jupiter to be behind the Juno spacecraft. To do this

  1. Select the image, text, or object.
  2. Use CTRLShift + down arrow

The opposite of the down arrow is the up arrow.

Practice Google Apps Shortcuts

  1. Open Shortcuts Practice for Google Slides.
  2. Select Use Template
  3. Practice each shortcut.

Graphic Design in Google Slides

Google Slides is more than a presentation app. In fact, Google Slides can be used to create magazine covers, movie reviews, and more. In the next lesson, you will do just that.

Updated October 3, 2020.