One moonshot of the#Mex16 SlidesYearbook Innovator Project is to empower student graphic designers.  Sometimes we need a little inspiration to get us started. Before you commit to your design, make sure to determine who will print your yearbook. This changes the Page setup and Guides.

All Templates

Quintus by SlidesCarnival Modified for SlidesYearbook ExampleQuintus by S
Basic Yearbook Layout Example
Jachimo Inspired by SlidesCarnival
Nym Inspired by SlidesCarnival Example
Oberon by SlidesCarnival for SlidesYearbook
Oberon by SlidesCarnival for SlidesYearbook
Ophelia by SlidesCarnival for SlidesYearbook
Original SlidesYearbook
Word Art Yearbook
Compton 2017-2018 SlidesYearbook
Compton 2018-2019 SlidesYearbook
Spring #CUE19 Yearbook 8 x 10
#Lon19 #GoogleEI SlidesYearbook