Update December 2022

In August of this year, I made a goal to write a new blog post every single week. Well, that did not happen because I am a parent AND junior high school classroom teacher teaching three subjects.

What did I do on this website? I updated tutorial pages for my yearbook class, such as Design Tools, with short video tutorials. I also added new pages like Edit Theme. If my students benefited from the latest resources, you and your students might also use them.

The biggest accomplishment, however, is the SlidesCreate add-on. Notice that I still need to link the add-on. I am waiting for Google to approve the new updates. When that happens, beta testing will begin. Please contact me if you are interested in beta testing.

What is my next plan? Over Winter Break, I will modify my students' favorite SlidesCarnival and original creations. Each day, I will post a new design that includes multiple layout ideas, a portrait section setup to work with the SlidesCreate add-on, and a style guide.

When I return to school on January 9, my students will take my modified designs and improve them. Then we will decide on a final design for our junior high school yearbook.

That is the plan! Now, back to creating . . .