Updated Template – Nym

Nym Inspired by SlidesCarnival Example

Another day, another update. The colors and geometric pattern in the SlidesCarnival template caught my eye a few years ago. Today I took the time to update the Nym Yearbook design.

Yes, the Guides tool in Google Slides was a major help to the redesign, but so was Format options.

The Format option tool includes the option to resize images to a specific size. Try it out. In most cases, check Lock aspect ratio. In this example, I wanted the image to be 3.25 inches and 3.97. This meant I needed to crop the image. Double click on the image so that the border is black. Then change the size of the image to be the same height as the other images on the page.

Nym Format Options

UPDATE August 8, 2022

Today I added image and text placeholders on the Nym SlidesYearbook template. This allows the student to add the image directly to the page in the correct aspect ratio.

I also changed the portrait's section by adding mail merge tags that go the future add-on.

Nym Placeholders
Nym Portraits