Yearbook layouts are nice, but what we really want are yearbook photos. The image-size templates served as temporary placeholders as students design multiple layouts. Now that the layouts are finalized, it is time to replace those placeholders with photos.

Open the yearbook layout of your choice.

  1. Select File.
  2. Click on Make a copy.
  3. The prefix “Copy of” is automatically added. You can keep or change the name.

Replace Image

  1. Select an image-size template.
  2. A new menu appears. Select Replace image.
  3. Click on the location of the file. For example, Photos.
  4. Search for and select the image you want.
  5. Select Replace.

If the image is not centered to your liking, click on the image once. Then use the arrow keys to move the image up, down, right, or left until you are happy with the look.

Insert or delete images or videos

Recenter Image

When using the Replace image option, images will get cropped. In the example to the left, Federico's forehead was cut off. To fix this, simply re-center the replaced image.

  1. Double-click on the image.
  2. The original image size will appear on the edges.
  3. Use the arrow keys to readjust the image as desired.

Replace Image-Size Template with Google Sides Camera

  1. Click on the image-size template.
  2. Select Replace image.
  3. Select Camera.
  4. Take photos. The app displays the last 3 photos taken.
  5. Select the photo of your choice and Insert.
  6. Use the arrow keys as necessary to readjust the photo.


Now that your yearbook has the best photos, captions, and layout, it is time to print it!