The ability to Edit the master of a new or pre-made template will help create a uniform look throughout the yearbook, a unique Google Slides presentation, or an assignment template like the Style Guide shared earlier on this section.

The Master slide controls the font type, size, and page number of the Title, subtitle, and body text. Placeholders can identify where titles are located on a page. Format options include the ability to move the placeholders using x and y coordinates. Do you have objects that you don't want to be moved? Place them in the Master.

Edit the Master of a New Google Slides for Yearbook Layouts

Prepare the Slides

  1. Change the Page setup under the File menu.
  2. Delete all slides.

Open Edit Master

  1. Select Slide.
  2. Click on Edit master.

Please note, you can also use the View -> Master option.

Master Slide

  1. The first slide is the Master, which controls the font type, size, and placeholder location.
  2. Click inside the Title placeholder or Body text placeholder.
  3. Change the font type, font size, and font formatting as desired.
  4. The page number default location is the bottom right. Suggestion: Use Arrange -> Center -> Horizontally. Left and right side page numbers are possible but definitely more complicated.

Delete Extra Layouts

Not every layout is needed.

  1. Use the Shift key to click on multiple slides and delete them at once.
  2. Delete the layouts that you will not need. Suggestion: Keep Title only and Blank.

Set Edit Guides in Edit Master

Any guides set in regular Edit mode of Google Slides do not transfer to the Edit master mode. You will have to set the guides again. Hey, Google! Please add built-in options so that we don't have to hand type these measurements over and over again.

Insert and Format Placeholders

  1. Select Insert.
  2. Click on Placeholders.
  3. Choose the type of placeholder.
  4. Change the font type, size, and format as desired.
  5. Use Format options for placement and size adjustments.

Modify a Pre-made Template

You can create a unique design like the 2017-2018 Compton Yearbook using Edit Master directions above or you can modify a template. The example below is a template modified for a yearbook layout. Use the arrows to view the step by step directions. The directions are also listed below.

  1. Change the Page setup size.
  2. Delete all the slides.
  3. Go to Slide -> Edit master.
  4. Control the font type, font size, and page number location from the Master slide.
  5. Edit Guides. Fortunately, you should have saved the measurements in Google Keep.
  6. Right-click to Delete and Duplicate layouts as desired.
  1. Modify the remaining layouts. Use Format options.
  2. Use Insert -> Placeholder-> Title placeholder as desired.
  3. Exit the Edit master.
  4. Insert -> New slide to add a new layout.
  5. Show or reset Guides. Yes, it is annoying that the guides don’t transfer from Edit master to Edit.
  6. Carefully place Image size templates and Lorem Ipsum caption placeholders using Guides.

YouTube Playlist

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  • Google Slides Newsletter Edit Master to modify design




  • Images and text added to the Edit master cannot be moved in Edit mode.
  • Once you are done Editing the master, you will want to return to Edit mode to design the Yearbook Layout.
  • Use Lorem ipsum generator as a placeholder for the captions.


Replace Image

Now that you have created a yearbook layout, it is time to insert yearbook photos.