Fonts can make or break a design. Some fonts are best for online publications while others are best for print. Fonts can be bubbly or they can be creepy. Too many fonts can become distracting.

After you read this introduction to fonts, open the lesson and create Word Art quotes with different fonts and colors to experience how font and color changes affect the message.

A Serif font has feet on the ends. These little feet make the printed word easier to read. A Serif font will clearly show the difference between the letter l and the number 1.

A Sans Serif font is typically easier to read online. Sans means without. Therefore, this font is without the “feet” or ends of the letters

Display and Handwriting fonts are excellent for short amounts of text such as titles and headers; however, they are not good for body text.

Font Pairs and Where to Find Fonts

Too many fonts on a page or in one file can become distracting. Stick with 2 fonts in various sizes and styles.

Google Apps has a multitude of fonts to select. In addition to viewing the fonts in the app, you can also use the following websites:

Using Fonts

Fonts can be used in Google Slides in text boxes, as well as Word Art. Changing fonts and adding more fonts is the same for both. The activity for this section uses Word Art, therefore, it will be used in the example images.

Inserting Word Art & Changing the Font Type

  1. Select Insert.
  2. Click on Word art.
  3. Type a title, saying or phrase.
  4. Use Enter on the keyboard to Save. Use ShiftEnter to write multiple lines.
  5. Select the Word art.
  6. Select the font of your choice or More fonts for more font choices.

 Adding More Font Types

  1. Select the text.
  2. Click on the font name in the format menu.
  3. Select More fonts.
  4. Check the font(s) you want to add.
  5. Select Done.

Font Styles

As stated before, using too many fonts is bad. To add variety, use different style choices such as bold, italicize, underline, etc. If a font has an arrow, click on it to view more style choices. This arrow offers more choices than the text format menu.

View more Font Styles

  1. Select the text.
  2. Click on the down arrow next to Arial.
  3. Click side arrow next to the font.
  4. Select a style.
  5. You can also use  Bold and Italicize or more style choices.

Adding fonts from the Google Fonts catalog

Additional Skills Needed for Practice Activity

You may have noticed that I have included free practice activities on this website. Below are a few skills not directly related to fonts that will help you will "The Importance of Font and Color Choice" Activity.

Duplicate Slides

  1. Right-click on a slide in the Filmstrip view.
  2. Select Duplicate slide.


When you need a closer view of the text, it is crucial to zoom in to view the writing.

Choice 1: Icon
  1. Select the zoom icon.
  2. Select a magnification.
Choice 2: Shortcuts
  • Zoom in CTRL + ALT and +
  • Zoom Out CTRL + ALT and -

Font Practice

Are you ready to work with fonts? The Importance of Font and Color Choice Activity was modified from a lesson by educator Darren Maltais. It has been modified with permission. To access the lesson, click the link and select Use template.


  • Typography Tutorial - 10 rules to help you rule type by The Futur
  • An Intro to Typography by Karen Kavett
  • Beginning Graphic Design: Typography by
  • Typography: Lesson TWO by Karen Kavett
  • How to Add More Fonts in Google Docs and Slides




Design Tools

Precision will give your graphic design a professional touch. Learn how to use built-in Google Slides design tools in the next lesson.